NFL JOURNEYMEN is weekly podcast hosted by 10 Year NFL Veteran Will Montgomery and Super Bowl Champion, Tyler Polumbus. Tired of listening to every other “ARM CHAIR Quarterback” show, the two big men teamed up to create a show that gives reliable analysis and insight only a player could.

Each week the fellas are joined by their friends from around the league to weigh in on everything from players’ technique and training camp to locker room trash talk and tales from the road.


Will Montgomery

Will was a walk-on at Virginia Tech, who went on to have a 10-year NFL career playing offensive line. The Panthers drafted Will in the 7th Round of the 2006 NFL draft. After a year in Carolina, his next stop was with the Jets in 2007, and the start of 2008. He then signed with his hometown Redskins at the end of 2008, and stayed there through 2013. Will’s last season in Washington was challenging while playing through injury. He sustained a sprained ankle, a grade two MCL sprain in his knee, and a torn scapholunate ligament in his left wrist. The wrist required three bones to be fused after the season. Unfortunately, the Redskins didn’t wait around to see if he would get healthy. After Will battled through injuries the entire season without missing single practice or game, he was released from Washington.

The Denver Broncos picked him up for the following 2014 season, and he became the full-time starter mid-season taking snaps from Peyton Manning. Despite having a 12-4 regular season record, Denver’s coaching staff got canned after losing in the playoffs to the Colts. Coach Fox and offensive coordinator Adam Gase brought Will to Chicago with them where the injury bug followed. At the week four home game for the Bears’ 2015 NFL season, Will fractured his fibula and dislocated his ankle finishing the year on the injured reserve list.

Will is married to his amazing wife Ashley who is a graduate of James Madison University. Ashley spoils Will with her phenomenal cooking. She loves all things fitness, with hopes of one day having Will as a running partner in one of her races. Together they have a one year-old daughter named Samantha who currently loves Minnie Mouse, watching videos of herself, peanut butter anything, and reading the same book every night five times in a row.

Tyler Polumbus

Tyler is an 8-year NFL veteran and Super Bowl Champion with stops in 4 cities along the way. Alright, it was technically five cities, because after getting the “ole chop-a-roo” from the Broncos, Tyler was claimed by the Detroit, but it was only for six days, and he doesn’t tend to claim cities with busted out windows in every skyscraper. Detroit quickly traded him to Seattle for two seasons; then it was off to Washington, D.C. for four seasons, a cup of coffee in Atlanta, then back to Denver in time to win Super Bowl 50.

Tyler is the father of three kids and you can tell him he is a bad Dad because he has a favorite (it does rotate if that means anything). His beautiful Liz twice packed up the house, kids, dogs and drove cross country to their new destination because he couldn’t keep a job in one city for longer than four years. She loves him anyways.